Orion 52051 Super-Compact 10-20x30mm Zoom Spotting Scope (Black)

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A super-small spotting scope packed with big optical performance

Item Description:

The Orion Super-Compact 10-20x30mm Zoom Spotting Scope is designed to give you unparalleled optical performance in a conveniently portable instrument. Only 6 inches long and tipping the scales at just less than a pound (15.2 ounces), the Super-Compact Zoom Spotting Scope is easy to take along whenever you hit the trail. It’s an ideal optical companion for day hikes, birding expeditions and other outdoor pursuits when space is limited and carrying less is more! This spotter is so small and portable; it even features a belt clip for convenient carrying and quick spotting action while on the trail. The Orion Super-Compact 10-20x30mm Zoom Spotting Scope’s precisely polished lenses and high-quality prisms work together in harmony to deliver an outstanding daytime viewing experience. The 30mm objective lens gathers plenty of light so you can enjoy sharp, clearly detailed daytime views. Its computer-optimized design maximizes performance as the spotter’s fully multi-coated optics provide high-contrast views. The zoom magnification range of 10x to 20x is nearly par focal, meaning only a slight tweak of the focus knob is necessary as you sweep from low to high powers and vice-versa. Use the lower, 10x setting for expansive views, then adjust the zoom eyepiece to boost the magnification up to 20x for a closer look. At the lower 10x setting, you can simply hold the Super-Compact Spotting Scope in your hand, but we highly recommend attaching the spotter to a tripod via it’s threaded tripod adapter block when using the powerful 20x magnification setting. The Orion Super-Compact Zoom Spotting Scope can focus on objects as close as 10 feet away, so you’ll find it just as useful in the backyard as it is on a mountain trail.

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