Orion GrandView ED 65mm Spotting Scope with 16-48x eyepiece

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Top Feature :
Extra-low Dispersion lenses for bright, true color views

Item Description:

If you’re looking for a premium spotting scope with exceptional optics, a streamlined lightweight body, and a unique ability to use standard 1.25″ eyepieces, look no further than the GrandView ED 65mm Spotting Scope! Featuring Extra-low Dispersion lenses for bright, true color views with no false color, making this the ideal spotting scope for both bird and nature watching. The focuser features a 9:1 reduction knob, meaning you can quickly focus using the course adjustment knob, then switch to the fine focus for that final critical adjustment, ensuring your targets are as sharp as possible. The most unique feature of the GrandView 65mm Spotting Scope is the 1.25″ focuser itself. It includes a 16x-48x zoom eyepiece, but any standard 1.25″ eyepiece will work, meaning you can customize your viewing experience with the exact eyepiece you want, maximizing field of view, eye relief, or magnification (the GrandView ED 65mm focal length is 346mm). The focuser uses a compression lock ring to hold your eyepiece securely in place, without marring the 1.25″ barrel. The included zoom eyepiece features a wide 16x magnification at 2.6-deg field of view, and zooms all the way to 48x at 1.4-deg, as well as providing plenty of comfort for eyeglass wearers with 20mm-18mm eye-relief through that zoom range. The GrandView Spotting Scope is waterproof (using the included eyepiece), the optics are fully multi-coated for the best possible light transmission, and you can protect those lenses with the included case that allows the use of the spotting scope while attached to the tripod! All of these features in a spotter that weighs only 2.9 lbs.

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